Triggers, 2004

Sound, 6 minutes on loop

Triggers (clip)

Triggers is the collection and reorganization of over 250 environmental, dietary and emotional migraine triggers into small poetic stanzas. The arrangement, with questionable juxtapositions of desirable and undesirable foods and environmental factors, challenges what we perceive as safe territory.  The compilation contains so many triggers, it would be difficult to avoid them all and still manage to live.  Similarly it would be difficult to pinpoint personal problem areas with any precision. While migraine is a specialized affliction, it is one in a sea of disorders and diseases such as Acid Reflux Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome and Social Anxiety Disorder.  All of which are often part of an age-old problem, but speak particularly of a cultural lack of time in contemporary life to relax, eat properly and experience emotions fully.

Triggers is a 6-minute looping sound piece, which builds in the number of voices over the course of the 6 minutes.  It’s designed to be broadcast over 4 lofted speakers in an enclosed, somewhat large, interior space.  It was originally screened as part of the American Anthem installation, which included 5 walls each painted in a different solid color of latex house paint, with vinyl text that came together to read as a revolving poem.