Effort At Speech Between Two People

From the installation Spring Forward / Fall Back, 2005

Effort at Speech Between Two People

6-channel video projection

Effort at Speech Between Two People addresses the now omnipresent nature of removed communication, and the lack of time for play.  There are modern leisure activities far more appealing and sensational than a board game. The games, shot from above, show two sets of hands, with different mannerisms and adornments, moving in and out of the frame, building a visual train of dominos.  Like verbal exchanges, oftentimes choices are somewhat unconscious, quickly made and executed much like a casual conversation between two friends. The games act as visual representations of conversations. The six silent projections, all playing in various loops, begin to feel overwhelming in their simultaneity, unclear whether an enjoyable activity is being carried out, or the burden and repetition of a senseless filling of time.