Stories From Home

Stories From Home, 2001

I placed a time clock in my apartment for 10 months in 2001.  Myself, as well as all visitors, would punch in when entering the apartment and punch out upon leaving; creating a detailed record of mostly numerical information.  The collection of over 100 time cards was installed in a large grid; the vertical columns arrange the cards by chronological weeks and the horizontal rows by each person’s caste, based on personal relationship to the artist.

Supplemental List – Social Definitions

detailing text on the left side of installation

Author: One who tells stories.

Mom: Informal Mother, A woman who

assumes the responsibility of a parent.  Also see friend.

Dad: Slang, a male who functions in a parental capacity;

include repair of household fixtures.

Girlfriend: A favorite female friend,

especially one with whom

a person is sexually or

romantically involved.

Friend: A person whom one knows,

and usually likes and

trusts,  include prefixes

best friend, ex-friend.

Acquaintance: A person whom one

knows through a

friend or girlfriend.

Stranger: One who is neither a

friend nor an acquaintance.