Spring Forward/Fall Back

Spring Forward/Fall Back is an installation composed of several interconnecting pieces:

events repeat themselves, but with a difference that makes all the difference

2005, 44”x36” archival digital prints

Spring Forward / Fall Back

2005, colored vinyl on floor

Effort At Speech Between Two People

2005, 6-channel video projection

from left to right

Game #13 with Kate

Game #2 with  Paul

Game #3 with Marya

Game #1 with Meredyth

Game #5 with Brandon

Game #9 with Jenny

Cat Cries

2005, sound

Cat Cries (clip)

Spring Forward / Fall Back

Perceived lack of time and culture’s pressure on how we use our time sends individuals into a flux between control and loss of control within their lives, causing a climate for anxiety. This body of work raises questions around the construct of time and how we move through our lives.   Each piece accesses time on a different interval, from minutes to hours, to months, to years.   The work also questions ideas of intimacy and interaction.  How do we communicate and what is created or left behind to represent those attempts?

By photographing the kitchen sink almost daily, stories that dissolve with the passing of time instead emerge with it.  A routine begins to form as the photos multiply over time, a comfortable routine is alluded to, as well as an endless, repetitive doom. The utensils, plates, and bowls become characters that covertly act out social dynamics and domestic scenarios.

In recording the domino games (a somewhat outdated social pastime), the visual repetitive patterns, direct framing, and seriality highlight slight difference.  Each game plays out as a visual representation of conversation; social interaction of which normally there is no visual output.  Stories unfold in a language were translation is precarious for the eavesdropping onlooker; words are played out by hands, rather than spoken by voices.

The only voice present in the entire space is that of a warbling cat, intermittently crying out at various volumes in a language we do not understand except in its loneliness.  As the dishes pile up, the dominoes play out, and feet pace back and forth between “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” on the floor, the cat cries, asking for a moment of time, desperately trying to communicate and make contact.