Untitled Stories

Untitled Stories (details), 2004

18-page artist book. 6.9 x 1.9 inches

I am interested in the structure of the paint chip in relation to how it plays into social, cultural and personal narratives.  The paint chip acts as a small piece of a larger ideal; a genericized version of personal desire. A fresh coat of paint in your home equals renewal, a fresh start.  This is inherent in both the material of the paint and the language of the chip names. Using the combination of color & language, I involved cultural and personal problematics into this utopian equation attempting to suppress or contain large, unruly aspects of popular culture and daily life into small, manageable squares. The color chips gradate per usual, but their names, a mix of literal and ephemeral associations, create juxtapositions filled with awkward tension and dark humor, questioning what we desire and why we desire it.